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National Unity Party of Afganistan
5 Mar 2013 12:00

National Unity Party of Afganistan

National Unity Party of Afghanistan has been established on August 21st 2003 by a group of the residue of People\\\'s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (= Motherland Party). This party is led by Mr. Lieutenant Noorulhaq Olumi.

25 Oct 2012 11:29

Islamic Party of Afghanistan

Islamic Party of Afghanistan, known as\"Ikhvan-al-Muslemin\" movement, under the leadership of Mr. Golbedin Hekmatyar, is one of two significant wings of Sunnite Islamic movement in Afghanistan, formed in late 1969(1347LHY)in Kabul University. This movement was posed for discussion, after a demonstration ...

Social Democrat Society
20 Aug 2012 17:04

Social Democrat Society

Afghan Mellat was initially composed of remained ones from awake youth party, pro-socialism leftists (Marxists and Russians fans) and extremist Pashtuns.

20 Aug 2012 16:14


RAWA is a very active and famous Maoist group which has been established secretly in February 1978 in Kabul as a sector of large group of Afghanistan Salvation Organization

8 Feb 2011 18:13

People\'s Democratic Party of Afghanistan

People\'s Democratic Party of Afghanistan was the most important, the most organized and the most comprehensive communist party which seized the political power through conducting 1978 coup.

Islamic Society of Afghanistan
8 Feb 2011 18:11

Islamic Society of Afghanistan

Islamic Society of Afghanistan is one of the most important Sunni parties, established under leading of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani.

Unity Party
8 Feb 2011 12:38

Unity Party

Unity party which is also called as “Guidance Party” and “Islamic Complex Organization” was founded in 1946 by elite clairvoyant scholar scientist Allamah Sayyed Ismaeil Balkhi in the Chendavool district of Kabul.

15 May 2008 15:32

People’s Party – Hezb-e- Khalq

There follows a synopsis of what has been written in a book titled “Commencement and Consequences of Political Movements in Afghanistan” about People’s Party.

16 Apr 2008 15:31

Islamic Struggle Guards of Afghanistan (ISGA) –Hezb-e- Pasdaran Jahad Eslami Afghanistan

It can be said that the primary core of ISGA was formed at the beginning of Jehad in central regions and areas around Kabul in case the yardstick is Mojahed individuals and personalities...

16 Mar 2008 07:54

Islamic Justice Party of Afghanistan

Islamic Justice Party of Afghanistan came into being on 30th June 2002 (9\04\1380LHY) during a press conference held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabulby Qazi Mohammad Kabir Marzban .....

4 Mar 2008 13:39

Islamic Movement of Taliban

An anonymous armed group attacked to a border region \"Spinboldak\" in Kandahar province on 22/7/1373,........

3 Mar 2008 17:37

Afghanistan Solidarity Party (Hezbe Hambastagi Afghanistan)

Afghanistan Solidarity Party is one of the groups related to Maoist movement, Eternal Flame, which declared its existence on April 16th 2004........

28 Jan 2008 17:10

Islamic Society of Afghanistan

Islamic society of Afghanistan is one of the most prominent Sunnite Islamic groups, which has developed in Afghanistan, under the influence of Egypt Ekhvan-Al-Muslemin movement. This group has been presented as founder and inheritor of Islamic movement in Afghanistan, while Afghanistan Islamic Party,...

24 Jan 2008 17:06

Modern Democratic Society (Eternal Flame)

The Communist group Modern Democratic Society (Eternal Flame) as claimed by Maoists, was established in Mizan ( Merh) 1344LHY(1966) by some leftist intellectuals and the remains of People\'s Party secretly in Kabul, nearly nine months after the establishment of \"Afghanistan People Democratic Party\"....

12 Jan 2008 10:34

Officially permitted political parties chart

Officially permitted political parties