Payam Aftab News Network 17 Dec 2008 10:37 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Group Demands French Pullout Of Afghanistan, Warns Of Bombs -------------------------------------------------- Text : PARIS (AFP)--A group calling itself the Afghan Revolutionary Front Tuesday sent a letter to AFP warning of "several bombs" in the upscale Printemps Haussmann store and demanding France pull its troops from Afghanistan by the end of February. "If you do not send someone to intervene before Wednesday December 17, they will explode," said the letter, which was taken by police investigating the explosives. "Send the message to your president that he must withdraw his troops from our country before the end of February 2009 or else we will take action in your capitalist department stores and this time, without warning," the letter said. French police discovered five sticks of dynamite in the store, forcing the evacuation of hordes of tourists and shoppers at the height of the Christmas shopping season.