Religious scholars: corruption needs to be dealt with under Sharia Law

Religious scholars on Sunday called for punishing those involved in administrative corruption and immoral acts under the Sharia Law.
Date of Publication : Monday 30 July 2018 15:36
Religious scholars: corruption needs to be dealt with under Sharia Law
The demand was made in a resolution the scholars passed after concluding a day-two conference on corruption organized by the Attorney General Office (AGO) at the Presidential Palace. President Ashraf Ghani was present on the occasion.
The resolution read income from haram business or corruption was strictly prohibited by Islam and that prayers of a faithful were accepted when he refrained himself from illegal and prohibited income and assets.
The resolution termed corruption and immorality ‘a menace’ and asked the judiciary to punish those practicing corruption and immorality under the Sharia Law.
They asked government institutions and authorities concerned to accelerate their anti-corruption efforts and discharge their national and religious duty in this regard.
The participants also asked the government to support ‘righteous and true voices’ raised from minber (a pulpit in the mosque). They also asked print and electronic media to broadcast sermons given from minbers.
The scholars said those giving and those accepting bribes were hated by Allah and were committing a huge crime.
They also asked people to report to judicial organs when asked for bribe or faced with other illegal demands.
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