Unity Party

Unity party which is also called as “Guidance Party” and “Islamic Complex Organization” was founded in 1946 by elite clairvoyant scholar scientist Allamah Sayyed Ismaeil Balkhi in the Chendavool district of Kabul.
Date of Publication : Tuesday 8 February 2011 12:38
No distinct written statute or manifesto is available on this party. By the way some prominent ones who were Balkhi’s co-worker in central core of the party are Khajeh Mohammad Naeim Qatali who was the commander of Kabul security forces, Sayyed Ali Gohar Ghourbandi, Sayyed Ismaeil Lolanji, Mirza Mohamad Aslam Sharifi, Mohammad Hasan Bayat, Ghulam heidar Bayat, Abd al- Ghyas Kohestani, Mirza Abd al- Latif Sarbaz Herawi (police officer), Qurban Nazar Torkamani, Mohammad Ibrahim Shahrestni, Rajab Ali Chendavooli, Dr. Asadollah Raoofi, Sayyed Sekandar Mozafari, Mohammad Safar Khan Bayat Ghaznavi and Khajeh Ekram al-Din Koohdamani.
Led by spiritual Balkhi, The Unity Party went on a strike against the government in spring 1950, but it was discovered by the government and suppressed. Balkhi and his 11 coworkers were imprisoned for 14 years without any trial. The Unity Party was not ethnically or religiously biased rather it was naturally Islamic.
Author: Sayed Mohammad Bagher Mesbahzadeh
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