Taliban chief proposes formula to end crisis in Afghanistan

Date of Publication : Sunday 21 December 2008 08:17
Taliban chief proposes formula to end crisis in Afghanistan
Taliban elusive leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has forwarded a formula to end conflicts and bring about peace in his war-torn country, a local newspaper reported Saturday.

"Mullah Omar delivered his plan through Saudi Arabia King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz," daily Outlook quoted Iranian television channel Press TV as saying.

Without going into the details of the formula, the newspaper added that the adamant Taliban chief, contrary to the past, in the plan stressed for timetable for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.

"Peacekeeping troops from Muslim countries should replace the NATO and U.S. troops to ensure a smooth transition until the Afghans can reach a consensus government," Omar insisted in the formula, according to the newspaper.

Another demand made by Mullah Omar is about sharing power with the current Afghan regime as he also demanded the consolidation of the Taliban fighters into the Afghan army and amnesty for them.

Taliban spokespersons were not immediately available for comments.

Omar, who has not been seen in public since being ousting from power by U.S.-led troops in late 2001, had previously conditioned any talks with President Hamid karzai's government with the pullout of more than 70,000-strong international forces from Afghanistan.

With mediation of Saudi Arabian Kingdom, a meeting was held between Taliban and pro-government figures including some Afghan parliamentarians in Riyadh some three months ago.

President Karzai, besides appreciating the talks, called on Saudi Arabian leader to play a role in strengthening security in Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, the fugitive Taliban chief, whose name is among the wanted men by the United States, in the formula warned to intensify attacks on foreign troops if the White House sends additional troops to Afghanistan.
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